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Steve Tari

Hey, Steve Tari Here, Hope You’re Doing Well!

First off I’d like to congratulate you and thank you for your purchase and trust in us.

However, and it’s very important to note, if running a Consultancy Agency or Freelancing is the way you want to succeed with BizBudd then it makes sense to..

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I want to offer you the opportunity to 1000x, 2000x, 3000x your earnings, and potential earnings as well.

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It Sucks, But The

Average Marketer Earns 0..

The vast majority of Consultants, Freelancers and Online Marketers earn nothing or next to nothing.

Why? It can be overwhelming for sure. Learning by Trial and Error, not having a Precise, Proven Plan of Action, lacking Focus and eventually just Giving Up on the dream of financial independence…

Because it’s not just the tools or expertise they have, it’s all the other ‘stuff’, like self-promotion, branding themselves and positioning themselves as the Go To Expert in their niche.

That’s Why The Average Joe Fails To Make A Decent Online Income

Meanwhile These Guys Earn $1,000,000+/Year

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Of Top Rated Business Consultants

Frank Kern

Brendon Burchard

Russell Brunson

Gary Vaynerchuk

Do A Google Search For ‘Most Successful Online Consultants’

The Difference Is Simple:

Being A PRO =
Knowing What You’re Doing!

The main problem isn’t that BizBudd or any other Premium App lacks all you need to be successful. THAT’S NOT THE ISSUE! You are already ahead of the competition as a BizBudd owner.

The problem is with your core knowledge about how to get in front of clients happy to pay you for your expertise and skills.

OK, If you know what you’re doing, then this isn’t for you.

But if you are unsure or don’t know where to start your journey to success then we’ve got you covered.

The problem isn’t that YOU are average… The problem is that the way you are working on your online success may be the obstacle holding you back from standing out from the crowd and getting the results you desire.

It Takes Time & Money To Stand Out,

Let Alone Mastering The Sheer Amount
Of Different Skills Involved, To Be Successful!

We Are Here To Shortcut Your Success

You don’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day right?

That’s NOT why we are Successful Online Entrepreneurs!

We’re here to focus on the Money, the Lifestyle, the Good Stuff.

Which Is Why We’ve Created

The Consultant Academy,
To Help You Get Started Faster

& Skip All The Annoying, Technical & Competitive Work!

So to solve all these problems we’ve decided to teach you how WE do things, and show you in the fastest and most effective way possible how to Emulate Our Success.

That’s why we’ve created the Consultant Academy.

Curious To See What’s Inside? Here’s A Brief Rundown:

The Consultant Academy


Everything you need to position yourself as an authority in Content Creation, Web design, Mobile App design, E-book design, and Membership niches… including battle-tested resources that no one else has access to…

Here’s What’s Included Inside The Training:

You Also Get Our

PRO Certification

That Gets You More Clients

Once you finish the course, you will get a printable Certificate that you can show to potential clients and increase your sales.

These certificates work for us and our customers like magic because they boost authority and position you as an expert in your field.


The Ultimate FaceDrip Upgrade For Marketers And Agencies

10X Your Results

Transformational Business Insights
From BizBudd
BizBudd AI is an all-in-one AI assistant that streamlines online marketing tasks for entrepreneurs like myself. It offers content creation, research assistance, and design features – all under one user-friendly platform. BizBudd helps me generate content, source data, create visuals, tailor marketing strategies, and craft localized content, saving me tons of time and boosting my productivity. Whether you’re an online marketer, web designer, or freelancer, BizBudd is a must-have tool.

Christopher Sciullo

Online Seller & Internet Marketer

1000’s Of Hours Saved On Designs, Inspirations & Workflow Since using BizBudd, my design workflow has been seamless. The AI suggestions for design elements are spot-on, saving me hours of research and experimentation. It’s like having a co-designer by my side at all times.

Tyrone Ruff

Course Creator & Coach

Get Instant Access To These


PRO Feature #1

Detailed Contact Level Reporting

What good are your interactive videos, emails & SMS campaigns if you can’t monitor their performance? Gain detailed insights into how a viewer interacts with your videos such as email opens, clickthrough rate, video watch rate, CTA click rate, emoji reactions, etc.

Qualify each leads based on their interest and video behavior.

PRO Feature #2

AI-Powered Video Marketing Campaign Automations

With aid of machine-learning, Use predefined rules to trigger email & SMS messages and personalize your messages based on specific actions customers take

Take repetitive tasks off your to-do list to free up your time for other valuable tasks, such as responding to customer questions.

Grow your business with complete AI-powered automation.

PRO Feature #3

Complete CRM That Handles Deals, Tasks, Sales, Clients, And Workflows

While FaceDrip integrates with most major CRM platforms like Hubspot and Salesforce…

… and also provides its own built-in all-in-one CRM solution.

With our built-in CRM you can import and manage contacts, track deal flow, and send personalized video emails in bulk.

PRO Feature #4

Automate Marketing Campaigns

Now segment contacts, personalize messages, and automate marketing campaigns to offer personalized customer experiences.

Cross-sell/Upsell offers and executes targeted campaigns to increase engagement, improve retention and deliver better ROI.

PRO Feature #5

Real-Time Video Engagement Reporting

Back in the day, a video was a tactic that you threw into your content marketing now and again. But to succeed with video marketing today, it’s important to have a solid strategy that you can use.

In other words, you can’t just have the occasional random video in your marketing campaigns. You need a well-planned, well-executed video engagement marketing strategy.

Use our real-time video reporting on Slack, Salesforce, etc. to maximize your results.

PRO Feature #6

Deep Analytics

Yes, with FaceDrip your videos are now getting views but do you know who’s watching them?

And how are they watching them?

Go beyond just view counts and embrace the new world of video analytics.

Now with just a click of a mouse, you can now track video engagement, learn more about each audience, and turn every view into data-driven results.

PRO Feature #7

Commercial Rights Included

Everything you’re getting TODAY when you UPGRADE to PRO comes with FREE Commercial Rights…
Feel free to use these for your clients and charge EXTRA for these add-ons.

At FaceDrip – we are committed to helping you MAXIMIZE your PROFITS at every instance possible

Ready To Supercharge Your Online Success?

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And, As We Always Aim To Overdeliver,

We’ve Decided To Add These

Fast Action Taker Bonuses

BizBudd Bonus #1

Online Viral Marketing Secrets Video Upgrade

(Real World Value: $67)

Creating a marketing campaign that “goes viral” is the goal of every marketer. In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral. But there are some secret strategies that will help you predict them.

With this video training you will discover a shortcut to online viral marketing secrets and you learn the steps to increase your chances of having your campaigns go viral.

BizBudd Bonus #2

Mega Ads Agency Website

(Real World Value: $97)

Use this to offer Facebook and Instagram ad services to your clients. And to make this as easy as possible, we’ve designed a high quality website that can help showcase your services to your potential clients and get them to contact you.

This website will instantly give you an unfair advantage and will help boost your conversions and sales if you are planning to book clients.

BizBudd Bonus #3

Access To A Premium Software That Finds Good Domain Names that Have a Higher Chance Of Selling Your Interactive Video Service

This Particular Bonus Is Incredible!

(Real World Value: $247)

Working directly with clients as a Freelancer or Agency can quickly result in high monthly income while working at your own speed to create a life-changing work and leisure balance. This course will help you scale your Content Creation into a 7-Figure business venture

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It’s very simple.

We believe in honest marketing and happy customers.

If you upgrade to the Consultant Academy and within 30 days you decide for WHATEVER reason to just stop
Then we will refund you.

This removes any risk to you. We want you to feel secure when accessing the Training and Tools knowing that you can get a No Questions Asked Refund

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