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Business Owners Recognize The Power Of AI (But Don’t Have A Clue On How To Utilize It!)

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Creating AI Assistants For Clients

AI Personalized To Their Business & Niche!

Be the Go To Guy that solves any business owners problems with the new AI Landscape.

A High Ticket Service that Businesses are crying out for and that YOU can provide (with minimal effort thanks to BizBudd)

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DFY Consultant​

Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring and training consultants. With Consultants Plus Power Up, you gain access to ready-made AI consultants that are ready to hit the ground running. Saving you time and resources while delivering a top-notch service to your clients.

Create Custom Consultants

Tailor your consultants to meet the unique needs of your clients. With the ability to create custom AI consultants, you can provide personalized solutions that set you apart from the competition. Build trust and loyalty by delivering exactly what your clients need.

Embed Consultants on Your and Your Clients' Websites

Make it easy for your clients to access their AI consultants by embedding them directly on their websites. Seamlessly integrate consultants into your clients’ online experience, providing convenience and accessibility at every touchpoint.

Grant or Revoke Client Access

Maintain control over client access to their personalized Consultants. Grant or revoke access with ease, ensuring security and peace of mind for both you and your clients. Build trust by demonstrating your commitment to protecting their interests.

But That's Not All!

Here's How The Consultants Plus Power Up Will

take your business to the next level

Expand Your Revenue Streams

With the ability to create and rent out more AI virtual assistants and consultants, you can unlock new revenue streams and diversify your income. Scale your business and maximize your earning potential with the Consultants Plus Power Up.

Deliver Premium Services

Position yourself as a leader in your niche by offering premium consulting services powered by AI technology. Impress your clients with innovative solutions and personalized support that drive results and exceed expectations.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. With BizBudd’s Consultants Plus Power Up, you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology that keeps you at the forefront of innovation. Gain a competitive edge and lead the way in your industry.

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Upgrade To BizBudd’s Consultants Plus Power Up Today And

Unlock A World Of Possibilities For Your Growth & Online Success

Upgrade To BizBudd’s Consultants Plus Power Up Today And

Unlock A World Of Possibilities For Your Growth & Online Success

Plus Unlock These


BizBudd Bonus #1

WP Bot Blocker Plugin

(Value: $97)

Everyday, 100s of hackers try to get into your site. They use BOTS to attack your wordpress sites and you need to be protected. This plugin blocks all bot attacks keeping you secure from hackers. Full Agency Rights so you can Install on Unlimited Sites + Client Sites too.

BizBudd Bonus #2

Email Profits Formula

(Worth $79 )

Ramp up the benefits of your BizBudd purchase to the next level. This powerful package that enables you to make the most of Email marketing and reach out to a wider audience but without investing a fortune. Supercharge your online growth and success.

BizBudd Bonus #3

High Ticket Agency Frameworks & Optimization Toolkit

($997 Value)

When you’re busy acquiring new clients and serving your current clients, it can be difficult to find the time to work on those internal day to day tasks. This Toolkit frees up your time and ensures your productivity is in top gear by optimizing your workload.

BizBudd Bonus #4

Viral Quotes Rocket

(Real World Value: $XX)

Instantly download 200 done-for-you viral quote graphic templates to get instant targeted traffic fast. You get viral traffic overnight and hassle-free customization in less than 60 seconds.You also get our Free Graphics report with VIP access, 10 mobile squeeze pages and easy-to-follow video training.An $889 value, and you get it for FREE!

BizBudd Bonus #5

How To Close High Paying Clients

(Real World Value: $XX)

Closing high paying clients has remained the “greyest area” in the agency line of business. Even though you have access to BizBudd, an incredible tool that delivers a great service for your clients, finding those clients can be an obstacle to your success. Start closing high paying clients starting today and discover how to sign them up on a recurring service.

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Upgrade To BizBudd’s Consultants Plus Power Up Today And

Unlock A World Of Possibilities For Your Growth & Online Success

Frequently Asked


Q Are these extra features and add-ons essential?

You don’t have to have these extra features to still have success with BizBudd. That said, if you intend on running a serious business and value the extra time saved and the additional research and content creation options, and want to save significant money in the long run, then the Consultants Edition is for you. Just selling one piece of BizBudd content will easily cover today’s 1-Time investment.

Q Can I think about it and come back to this Discount Offer Page later?

Sorry, but this is really just a one-time-opportunity and the price will actually increase in a few hours. We will be taking down this page after this special launch is over to ensure our customers who bought today get awesome results and are happy to give us great testimonials for future launches at the higher price point.

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